Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Wear Your '2 or more in1's #1

All my coats and also some vests are convertible, they're '2-4in1's! Zips hidden at horizontal cuts under the tuft allow you to adjust the hem & sleeve length so that one coat goes with many different outfits and in any occasion.

I went through my photo archive the other day and found these nice photos of Mu Yang posing for photographer Tony West in one of my classics, a Peacock inspired 4in1 coat.

 Complete coat with casual jeans & boots - chic everyday outfit.

Without sleeves, combined with bright/black leggins and boots - for trendy office and after work drinks.

 With or without sleeves, the hem panel detached, combined with a black evening gown and stiletto heels - for a 'black-tie' party.

All photos: Tony West

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