Despite of strong wind the hat sat on my head well, and it was comfortably warm too. Different and a little bit rustic material would be a great match with clothes made from sophisticated fabrics too. It looked a bit jami-roquai-alike on my husband, but it looks quite a chic on me, doesn't it! What a lovely product. And the mittens are warm & cute too." - Nina, Helsinki, Finland

"I was so excited this afternoon to see my mail lady walking up with a package, turned out to be my new groovy winter hat from Heli MG Tufted Luxury!! It's super warm and really eye catching, very different! She's a really unique designer from Finland, now living in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. Her items are really popular in the Nordic countries (as her designs stem from Scandinavian Rya rugs which were used by mariners since the 15th century instead of furs because of their light weight). Check out her page, you'll be glad you did! THANK YOU, HELI!!! ♥ " - RubyClover, Chicago, US

"Feel: super soft and comfortable. Fit: Good, even though a little bit too big for the shape of my head. On the other hand think I won't ever find a hat that would fit perfectly my asymmetric head - it was like that already when I was a kid. Life's activities: Brilliant in blizzard and when it's chilly out there too. Reversibility: Great idea, I like lots. Hat goes with many different outfits and is easy to combine. Fellow citizens: hat turns their heads and the bravest came to ask questions about it. Everybody liked the idea. Cleaning: I haven't cleaned the hat yet as it hasn't needed it yet. Pros:  Beautiful hat, it's great that it covers ears well in Finnish winter weather. Cons: Just a little bit too big for me. I thought to give it to my Mum to test too, haven't done it yet. She's been admiring this hat and wanting to try it too." - Tarja, Espoo, Finland www.designshopoutlet.com

"I was so lucky to get a gift of these wonderful slippers in white and I love them! So luxurious and cozy and I wear them all the time. Because of the the work and detail that went into making them, I was initially saving them for 'good' use, but the care instructions meant I was easily able to rinse them out whenever needed without worrying that I'd ruin them! They come up like new every time, hence I can wear them every day! Best pressie ever!" - Sue, Dublin, Ireland

"Luxurious 'she's gorgeous!' shoulder bag that I bought from Heli last autumn has been great in all nights out. At theatre and concerts I carry in it the most necessary things: cell phone, lipstick, keys and a tissue. At Christmas Party, the bag combined with my old little black dress turned heads as a real novelty. Colour and the bag's material are easy to combine with anything. On the other hand I'm dreaming of getting myself another colour for summer time use too." - Mari, Lahti, Finland

"The wall decor has settled in the hall of our office well. We have also brought it along to our Fair and Exhibition stands and it has been highly admired by visitors and our staff everywhere used. It has 'pulled' many people closer to touch it and to see how it's made. I think it has inspired lots of people to test their own crafts skills too - if not starting with just as big textile, but a little bit smaller anyways. At Fair stands it has encouraged lots of conversation about visitors' own crafts projects." - Tarja Heiskanen, Communications Manager for Finnish Association For Mental Health

"I made my first 2in1 coat ever in 2000 for 'Elsku Helsinki' and 'Ur og I' Fashion Group Exhibitions in Iceland.  When the coat was back from its Icelandic tour in following spring it became my favourite piece of wintertime clothing and for last 10 years I've worn it as a short version every single winter - in blizzard, drizzle, windy Finnish -30 degrees and damp Irish 10 degrees just to mention a few weather conditions, and it's worked comfortably and chic through all. Despite me deliberately putting the coat  under huge pressure; I've carried heavy hand baggage, cat in a carrier bag, gym bag, etc. all rubbing heavily against the wool and pulling the base cloth, it still looks like new. When I combine the top with the hem panel, which has been worn only a few times, not any difference can be seen between them." - Heli MG, Delgany, Ireland

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