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Finnish Style Coach Maria N. has been styling selected Tufted Luxury items for day and night on my blog since end of May 2012. For your inspiration Maria N. creates complete looks from clothing and hairstyle to nail varnish with Tufted Luxury items that inspire her.

Maria N. has gained lots of fashion experience throughout past decade. She's been working as senior Fashion Sales Consultant and Store Manager for Finnish and global ladies wear & accessories retailers. She also has a Specialist Degree in Image & Style Consulting. She runs her own style coaching business in Porvoo and Helsinki in Finland.

Maria N. shares her fabulous style tips for Ladies & Gentlemen on her own blog Lovely Ladies & Charming Men by Maria N. almost on daily basis.

Before starting her Tufted Luxury Styling Series here, chic Maria N. revealed some of her own style secrets:

My own style?

Dresses and jewellery play the main role in my style, which also varies lots according to weather. Whole look is very important. Great outfit can be ruined easily by bad hair. Some days I choose very simple looks for myself, sometimes I layer everything on everything - animal prints, exotic jewellery & exotic prints, short modern and 60's inspired dresses. Strong clothes and lines are my thing but nothing too cute. For colours black & gold combos have been the base for my wardrobe for many years.

Who are my style icons?

People with strong own style. Grown up women like Greta Garbo whose style is strongly cool and distant. Daphne Guinness with her fabulous collection of couture clothes that she isn’t afraid to use - among others she bought the contents of Isabella Blow’s wardrobe. Grace Kelly with her graceful style. Luxuriously  bohemic Rachel Zoe who respects everything old, not forgetting the most feminine Marilyn Monroe.

Favourite designers & labels? 

Depends on seasons – fashion and weather. I follow and look forward to seeing all new collections of Marc Jacobs, also By Malene Birger, Prada, Gucci and Diane Von Furstenberg. Especially I like DVF’s colours and easy, functional designs. I like Alexander McQueen’s fantasy world, Holly Fulton’s strong style and everything Christopher Bailey has designed for Burberry Prosum throughout last few years. Mary Katranzou’s different prints also take my fancy.

Favourite fashion decade?

30’s strongly feminine & sensual style and Hollywood glamour. In 20’s the liberation of women, cheerfulness and playfulness of clothing have an impact on me.

Where and how do I shop?

I mostly shop affordable fashion. Mango is my favourite for both clothes and jewelry, also Zara. For shoes I mostly go to Vagabond. Doris & Duke second hand shop in Porvoo, Finland is great - and you can find fabulous clothes and accessories in shops that you least expect to find them –  for example I’ve found some really interesting pieces from an antique shop! I love mixing old and new items.

Most treasured items in my wardrobe?

30-inspired flapper/ Hollywood glamour vintage dress for my 30th birthday party, Vagabond Zebra ballerinas, 60`s green vintage dress, By Malene Birger leather bag with golden zippers which was a gift from my husband, I use it almost every day.

What inspires me?

Dressing people, seeing people finding their style and feeling strong that way, finding new self-confidence, daring to try something new (even if it wouldn’t fit them. You should always try on new styles just to see how they work on you, it´s the key for finding styles that suit you). Also people with strong, fearless styles and who are not afraid to express themselves through clothes inspire me. People who have well developed style. Old style icons and their style development. I also follow some artists’, like Amy Winehouse’s and as latest Lana Del Ray’s music videos for style inspiration.

Yves Saint Laurent, a first-time retrospective of the French fashion designer's work at the Petit Palais exhibition that I was lucky to see in Paris two years ago still pops up to my head every now and then. They were so beautiful clothes and seeing them in person makes such a big difference from seeing just images of them!

Fashion magazines, catwalk shows, runway looks that I try to see as soon as images are published on during fashion weeks. Fashion books, all types from designers to style icons and style guides.

Tom Ford as a person and his SS2011 collection. The intimate atmosphere of the show was an appraisal to femininity. All models were dressed in unbelievably fabulous creations designed just for them and they seemed to enjoy themselves visibly in them. Background music, Karen Elson’s Pretty Babies added the finishing touch. – I wish I was one of those women or at least would have seen this particular show!

Beautiful interiors, buildings and landscapes - thank you Ireland! I’m always keeping my eyes open for new – lots of it! TV-series such as Hercule Poirot, Elliot sisters, The Forsyte saga and lately Downton Abbey wich also has had a strong impact in next autumn/ winter fashion. For these inspirations I have to thank a friend who always knows what TV-series I would like and makes me sit down & watch them. I’m a bit lazy finding them myself, but still they can make a really strong impact on me.

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