Friday, May 4, 2012

Heavenly Travelling

I've flown quite lots recently and a couple of last times I've managed to arrive to the airport good time before the departure, haven't just run straight through to my gate in awful hurry as usual. Despite crazy-early morning I've enjoyed enormously wandering around the shopping areas, sitting down for a lovely double espresso and while sipping my flavoursome coffee, watching other, still waking, passengers and stylish flying attendants of different airlines floating by.

Air travelling is all about luxury. When you've passed the air port security control it feels like arriving to heaven; you're surrounded by greatest amount of luxury items, unlike on highstreet the customer service is the friendliest, all of airport staff are well groomed and beautiful and their immaculate uniforms don't carry a wrinkle. They all are also wide awake and all organised what ever the time you arrive. The normal alcohol serving hours of outside world are unknown, too, anyone can treat themselves for example to a half-5am-champagne-breakfast. Also art & design exhibitions, express spas, silent rooms, free wi-fi, just to mention a few, are dropped into your lap, the only effort you need to make is enjoying them, if you feel like it.

Why is it such a different world behind the security control? In riches or rags, all us have learnt that flying is not just moving from place a to b. Security of air travelling being so controlled and also the human mind, not necessarily consciously, being at least a little bit skeptic about the  plane staying up successfully, adds the thrilling factor. The luxury and encouraged indulgence are quite obviously to make us forget our nervousness.

- What do you do to chase your fear of flying away? When I finished my espresso and Tatler's Diamond Jubilee issue I enjoyed the free wi-fi and browsed through images of different airlines’ most fabulous cabin crew uniforms, for future inspiration.

Air France uniform by Christian Lacroix

Emirates Airlines

Indian IndiGo

I wished I had flown at the time of these uniforms:

 British Airways Vintage

Finnair uniforms 1969
 Pan Am


  1. I just loved the Christian Lacroix uniform!

    1. It's fab and very different too! Thai Airways uniform is beautiful too, I read that the crew greets boarding passengers in tiny colourful jackets and ankle length pencil skirts, the outfit looks a bit like Indian Sari with a scarf tied over one shoulder and fastened with a brooch. When the boarding is complete, the crew changes into more practical, smart purple suit (skirt and jacket) for their duties during the flight.


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