Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something New for Spring - by Incident!

Styling a collection of 'furs' is not easy job towards the spring season, especially in a short notice.  The only option really was to head on hunting at the high street stores when there was just 2 days to go to an emergency studio photo shoot

Being quite hot trend at the moment, I had my hopes high on finding a timeless, super elegant Bond girl style jumpsuit* to combine with my classic & f/w 13-14 capes & stoles but had to return to my workshop empty handed. 24 hours before the scheduled shoot I realised the game was not lost; I can make one myself - and without compromises, such as 'it's great BUT I don't like the straps', or '...the fabric is too shiny', or '...the legs are too short'.  I found a perfect piece of lovely, about 95% wool blend fabric in my box of treasuries and threw it with a little piece of silk lining, and myself in the project.

In the late hours of that day I was delighted to notice that my pattern drafting skills were not that rusty after all as the project resulted in actually a really nice garment which also fitted perfectly the next day's model Katie B!


Lots of people have along the past couple of months enquired if I include other garments than tufted pieces in my collections as it would be easier to buy a full outfit from one seller instead of going looking for the matching gown etc. somewhere else. That makes sense, however the answer is 'not really', but after careful thinking I've come to decision I add 1-2 elegant basics made from top quality materials like my shoot sample, to all collections.
Having been a target of lots of positive feed back since the shoot may the jumpsuit be one of those 'basics'. It is available to order (wholesale and individual commissions) straight away. It can be made from fine wool blend fabric with silk lining for all-year-around piece. Or it also makes an elegant wedding/evening 'gown' made from thick, heavily falling matte satin. Colours are classic black and off white. RRP €319-338.

*The inspiration

- Hope you like it!


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