Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stone Therapy

It's the World Mental Health Day today and what would be more suitable topic to write about - with my wooden mug full of lovely, fresh hot espresso beside me - than stress management.

Eco Furs takes easily 6 x 12-14 hours of my week and I'm sometimes wondering myself too how I have the energy. Well first of all, I absolutely love what I'm doing. Secondly, when I feel tense and tired after too many work days in a row, I pay a visit to the beach - preferably a pebble beach, which there are quite many to choose from in North Wicklow. 

The sound of waves is very soothing and the sea breeze airs the stuffy head very efficiently. The round and flat and smooth pebbles are not called 'worry stones' just for fun.

I find the pebbles and stones in general very fascinating otherwise too and usually I end up having my nose down towards the ground & combing the shoreline for quite some time. The combinations of different beautiful colours & different types of stones and all the shapes are very inspiring.


I pick the most peculiar ones - like the 2 halves of a pebble I found last weekend from Greystones Beach and 'christened' Candy - and usually arrive home my pockets full of both work wise inspiring and therapeutic stones - Yes, I remember to empty them before my coat goes to wash...;) One group of them is sitting on my bathroom window sill and another on my desk, where I they easily catch my eye and let me escape to their therapeutic world every so often.

It's not just Irish beaches I love to visit when ever I have a chance. My favourite of the world beaches so far is the Omaha Beach in Normandy, France where a few years ago I also had a chance to follow my other big interest, Vintage tractors driving into the sea and helping fishing boats to land and take off - which is not particularly good thing for the tractor or the sea, but that is totally different topic so let's just enjoy the nice vision for now.

Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Omaha Beach, Normandy, France - All photos by Heli

- How do you relax in the middle of your work day?

Have a good day and remember to look after yourselves and each other - today and every day!


  1. Even your photos here are quite calming Heli :-). I wish I could go walk on the beach this weekend...and collect seaglass. I loved Omaha too when I was there. The Normandy beaches envoke a deep sense of respect for their sad history, dont they?

  2. They sure do, the history of it makes it totally different world. Delighted to hear you find the photos calming, the pebble power is magic - and the sea glass has similar effect ;)


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