Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heli MG at Habitare 2012 with

Heli MG Home range grew with 5 new products this year. The child minded additions were launched for sale to Finnish & international trade and public at Habitare 2012 Interior Decoration, Furniture and Design Fair by 2 weeks ago.  


The tufted stick animals George, Sammy, Danny and Hector - made with mixed recyclables; woollen socks, waste pieces of fleece, buttons inherited from my Granny, to mention a few - enjoyed being in the flash lights of Finnish press - especially George the Goat who Avotakka, a well established Finnish interior decoration magazine selected as one of the top 100 products of the show. To find more info on these delightful fellas and adopt one or all of them please click yourself to DSO's shop.

Other members of the Heli MG 'fauna', a bright and lightweight pair of rocking ducks, being introduced at the show and also being available at DSO afterwards, particularly attracted the attention of the smallest fair visitors. Those who were brave enough to test run the soft little rockers fell helplessly in love, confirms a trustworthy source of information.

Photo: Heli

What also makes this pair interesting is the frame material used - polystyrene foam i.e. amazingly durable building & insulation material that according to my carpenter Dad, among others, was used and loved lots especially in furniture pieces ordered for public spaces in 1970's & 80's.

I discovered polystyrene and got inspired by it whilst doing a custom sewing project for a cool Irish company Made In Hollywood. They create amazing things with polystyrene foam; not only for architectural & insulation purposes but they also make unique props & signs for marketing. For better idea of their fantastic production please click yourself to their portfolio here. They also cut the figures for my duck rockers.

Polystyrene inspires me because it's lightweight, durable and non-water-absorbent material. It feels warm when being sat or leant on. Not being a good ground for mold to land and stick to, it makes a fantastic base for example for the balcony furniture that generally are also quite heavy to handle and cold to sit on. Also, polystyrene doesn't burn unless it is in an immediate contact with a flame. And the best of all its features in a woman's point of view is that it can be shaped easily at home too, with a simple saw, without heavy power tools!

Solid wood has always been my personal favourite of the furniture materials. BUT I'd be very happy to pick polystyrene as a the material for small home accessories and children's room furniture to make them lighter to lift  - and less easily bruising for us adults and the little ones as even the sharp corners of polystyrene items are soft - what do you think?

As this year's novelty DSO also introduced a few other Irish Designers and a handful of young Finnish Design talents at their stand. The fabulous work of Irish The Printing Rooms, Jennifer Slattery Textiles and Klickity were very warmly welcomed by the show visitors and members of press - very exciting! Check out the show highlights here.


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