Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing In the Sky

After everlasting bucketing of rain we were finally yesterday pampered by warm breeze and the healing rays of sun. Being buried in work for majority of the past few week it was time for a proper long coffee break off by the sea and I headed to Bray Air Display for the afternoon with my camera - Gosh, those cute little machines had so lots of fun playing in the sky!

Photos: Heli

Afterwards I was very happily surprised by how great the photos turned out with just a basic lens and an amateur's luck. If you have a careful look you can even see the pilot's helmet in the last picture - or maybe it's 'a she' wearing my reversible, Amelia Earhart movie inspired pilot hat! (see the official trailer at the end)

This Eco Furs Classic and my Irish bestseller, is available in a/w 12/13 too. New colours to be launched in my Etsy Shop later in the autumn.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing photos Heli - especially the last one. It's as if you were up in the air too.

    That's my fave hat from your shop too.


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